The Seth Family

In Genesis 5, we have the account of Adam’s family that traces through his son Seth to Noah. A short record of men that lived and, no doubt, did many things. They probably faced many struggles and heartaches. As we go through this, keep in the back of your mind the question, “why did God put this in his Bible?”

The Beginning of Civilization

It is very telling that the root of culture is founded in the death of Abel and the sin of Cain. Cain’s sin brought isolation to him and his family line. Cain’s sin brought corruption to his family. Yet, not all is lost for we find that, despite the failure of Cain and his offspring, God brings hope in the birth of Seth.

Sin at the Door

The story of Cain and Able is not just about two brothers that can’t get along. It’s not just a tragic story of hatred and murder. This story is ultimately about God.

The Curse

In Genesis 3:14 – 24 we find, God, the perfect Judge of his creation, pronouncing the verdict and sentence upon the serpent, the woman, and the man. After reading the curse we see the immediate aftermath.

Did God Actually Say?

Understanding and believing what Genesis chapter 3 says is crucial to our understanding of the rest of the Bible. If we mess up the origin of evil, then we are in danger of corrupting and misunderstanding most of the other doctrines taught in Scripture.

The First Marriage

The way that God created Eve was intentional and shows us at least four things about who God is and how the relationship between the man and woman would be different.

The Two Trees

As we read through Genesis 2:4-17, we encounter two trees. We find the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We also find something else that we as Bible students recognize, a covenant.