God Meant It For Good You Have Saved Our Lives

You Have Saved Our Lives: Genesis 47

Last time we looked at chapter 46 which had three very distinct sections. We had Jacob’s vision of God in Beersheba. Jacob heard encouragement from God and he publicly worshipped God there. In the second section, we were told of those from Jacob’s family that entered the land of Egypt. We considered some of the interesting ideas about the list, specifically in the families of Judah and Benjamin. Then we saw the beginning of where our story for today starts. Jacob and his family arrive in Egypt led by Judah who went before them into Goshen. Jacob and Joseph, father and son, were finally reunited after all those years apart. When the reunion had finished, Joseph turned to his brothers with some instructions on what was to happen next. Joseph was to bring his brothers before Pharaoh and when he asked them what was their occupation they were to tell him that they were shepherds. Because the Egyptian thought that all those who worked with animals were an abomination, they would be able to settle and live separately from the rest of the people of the nation. That brings us up to where we pick up the story in chapter 47. The brothers have been briefed on how they are to approach the Pharaoh and now they await their opportunity to speak with him. I’ve divided this part of the story down into three natural parts. The first section is from 1-12, which describes how Joseph settles his family in the land of Goshen. The second section is 13-26. Here we find a description of the aftermath of the famine that is in the land and how Joseph wisely behaves. The last section relays to us the confirmation that the promises of God to Abraham of fruitfulness and multiplications have come true and we hear Jacob’s desire to be buried in the tomb of his fathers. I hope that you feel that part of what I’ve said week after week is repetitive. There is a reason for that. The Holy Spirit through the author Moses was repetitive in the themes that he was trying to teach us. This account of the beginning of all things was to impress upon the people of God some very important lessons. The ones we are going to hit again today are the idea of God’s providential care for his people, the centrality of God’s people in the world, and the covenant-keeping of God.

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