Holiness: Growth – Part 2

2. Marks of “Growth in Grace” a. Humility b. Faith and love towards our Lord Jesus Christ c. Holiness of life and conversation d. Spirituality of taste and mind e. Charity f. Zeal and diligence in trying to do good to souls 3. The Means of Growth in Grace a. Private Means – Prayer, reading and meditating on Scripture, and self-examination. b. Public Means – Regular Sunday worship, praying and praising with others, hearing the preaching of God’s Word, the Lord’s Supper, and baptism. c. Watchfulness over our conduct in the little matters of everyday life. “We must aim to have a Christianity which, like the sap of a tree, runs through every twig and leaf of our character, and sanctifies all.” d. Caution about the company we keep and the friendship we form. “Disease is infectious, but health is not.” e. Regular and habitual communion with the Lord. Gal. 2:20, Phil 1:21. “We must realize what it is to turn to Him first in every need, to talk to Him about every difficulty, to consult Him about every step, to spread before Him all our sorrows, to get Him to share in all our joys, to do all as in His sight, and to go through every day leaning on and looking to Him.”

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