You Meant It For Evil Genesis 37:8-36

Psalm 2 tells us that the nations, the kings of the earth, and the rulers all gathered together and in a rage the plot against the Lord and his anointed. They want to get rid of their authority over them. But all of their anger and plotting is done in vain. It’s pointless. It’s comical. For them to think that they can go up against the God of the universe is the height of foolishness. God, who sits in heaven, looks upon them and laughs with a laugh of contempt, with disdain, with hatred toward the evil they are planning. All the Anointed has to do is ask the Lord and he will be able to smash the nations like a rod iron hitting a clay pot. At the time of its writing, this psalm described what the nations thought they could do against the king of Israel. We also know that this psalm, according to Hebrews 1, is about Jesus who is the anointed and Son of God. But how the people plotted and how God laughed at their plans was not something new when the psalmist wrote those words down. We have seen this happen many times in the book of Genesis. Man knows what God has chosen and what is right and they plot and scheme to try and go against God. Every time, even if their plans succeed, ultimately they fail. In Genesis 37, we find the patriarchs, the leaders of the tribes of Israel, plotting to destroy one of their own. God had spoken. God had chosen Joseph. And his brothers rage and will plot in vain. In verses 18—24 we read of the brother’s evil plan and how they rage against Joseph. Then in verses 25-28, Moses explains to us how Joseph is sold into slavery. And finally, we read of the cover-up and Jacob’s reaction to the supposed loss of his beloved Joseph. The last time we left Joseph, he had received the coat of many colors which was a symbol of his favorite status. His brothers saw it and grew jealous. God gave Joseph two prophetic dreams, both with the same meaning, which was that he was to rule over his family. This stirred the brothers into a murderous rage. They took the flocks and left eventually making their way to Dothan. Jacob, curious about the welfare of his sons, sent Joseph to find out and to bring back a report. This is where we pick up the story today.

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