Hosea Chapter 12

We’ve been in Hosea for a while now and it is easy to forget that Hosea is a man that has been called to preach to a bunch of stiff-necked, self-righteous, and just plain wicked people. They have heard the warnings of God and God has given them many prophets over the years. Can you imagine the task that Hosea has? Hosea has must call out these warnings to a people that have rejected God. One might be tempted to despair. Why keep calling out to these people when they are so far gone? Why have mercy on a people that are so wicked? Why would God rescue any of these people? It is tempting to look at our own nation and think: God, why would you save any of this? I’ve seen some give up on people and have grown calloused toward others. Those who call themselves Christians have labeled others as racists or phobics, etc and then write others off. As Christians, are we a people of no hope? Are we to look at others and say “there’s no hope,”? I think Hosea would say otherwise. He knew with God there is always hope. We saw in chapter 11 this growing idea of restoration and hope and it will continue until the end of the book. In chapter 12 we see Hosea explain the state of the nation and then he uses Jacob, the originator of the nation of Israel, as a hope restoring picture.

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