Holiness: Sanctification Part 3

The Distinction Between Justification and Sanctification How are they alike? 1. Both proceed from the free grace of God. They are a gift. 2. Both are part of the work of salvation of Jesus. 3. Both are to be found in a person. One who is justified is sanctified and one who is sanctified is justified. 4. Both begin at the same time. At the moment of justification and person has begun sanctification, though they may not see it fully. 5. Both are necessary for salvation. How are they different? 1. Justification is God counting a person righteous on the account of the work of Jesus. Sanctification is God making a person inwardly righteous. 2. The righteousness we have through justification is not our own and is imputed to us by faith in Christ. The righteousness we have in sanctification is our own righteousness worked in us by the Holy Spirit but mingled with our own imperfection. 3. In justification, our works play no part. In sanctification, our own works are very important. God bids us to fight, watch, pray, strive, take pains, and work. 4. Justification is a finished and complete work and a person is perfectly justified the moment they believe. Sanctification is a process that will not be finished until we are in heaven. 5. Justification does not grow or increase. Sanctification will continue to grow and increase as long as a person lives. 6. Justification deals with our standing in God’s sight our guiltiness. Sanctification deals with our nature and the renewal of our hearts. 7. Justification is the act of God about us and not discerned by others. Sanctification is the work of God within us and cannot be hidden from others.

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