Holiness: Introduction

The Purpose

To advance the cause of scriptural holiness.

Every Christian who loves Christ and desires to advance the kingdom of God should work in holiness.

The Need for a Holy Life

Practical holiness and the desire to live a life consecrated to God is something that is missing in the lives of many professing Christians. Worldliness, politics, infighting, fear of man, etc. have eaten the heart of the Christian life. The standard of the Christian life is miserably low. In Titus 2:10 Paul, speaking to the Christian slaves says that ought to be, “showing all good faith, so that in everything they may adorn the doctrine of God our Savior.” Christians don’t get this. People complain about Christians being hypocritical or selfish or they are no different from non-Christians and that, in many places, is a fair assessment. But sanctification is as important as justification. Good and sound doctrine is useless unless it is accompanied by a holy life. We need a revival of scriptural holiness.

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