Hosea Chapter 8

Hosea chapter 8 is like the chapters that have come before in that it describes both the sins of the people and the punishment that will come upon them. The badness of their sin is shown to them that they might see it, be repulsed, and repent. And the prediction of the consequences of their sin is likewise given by God so that they may see what awaits them, fear, and repent in order to avoid the destruction that awaits them. This had immediate implications upon the people that the prophet Hosea was raising the trumpet call to. Israel was on the verge of destruction and they were pretending all was okay. We live in a culture that has followed reprobate Israel. The accusations leveled at Israel could easily be taken up by God against us. We must pay attention and learn from these words or we may suffer the same end. I’ve followed the paragraph division in the ESV translation to help us break this chapter down so that we might digest these warnings and consequences. In verses 1-3, we find a false confidence in the people because it is in themselves. In 4-6, there is a description of more sin and we are hit with the question can Israel attain innocence? In verses 7-10 we find the imagery, which may be familiar to you, of sowing wind and reaping the whirlwind which is a description of the foolishness and consequence of sin. And finally, we will examine 11-14 where, above all these other sins, Israel has disregarded God’s word, his law, and treats it as a strange thing.

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