Hosea Chapter 7

“Those that are treacherous and deceitful in their dealings with God, and passionate and outrageous in their conduct towards men, will justly be made a derision to their neighbors, for they make themselves ridiculous.” Matthew Henry. This is a very true statement and one we must pay attention to. Now, we know that history is cyclical. It’s tempting to look at the state of our culture and nation and think that the end is near or that this is the worse it’s ever been. It might be the worse it’s been in our lifetime, but if we are careful students of history we know that things can get a whole lot worse. Some of the vile and horrific things that have occurred in the past would make our culture seem godly in comparison. It’s true. When we examine the nation of Israel at this time, we see a nation more depraved than our own. Now, do I believe our country has become more treacherous and deceitful in our dealings with God as of late? Yes, absolutely. Have we reached Israel’s level? No. We are nowhere near it. But passages like the one we have before us are a warning. They were a warning to the people of Israel and they are still a warning to us. If we continue down this path we will be made a derision to our neighbors and we will make ourselves ridiculous.

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