The Creation Decrees

Starting in verse 28, we have the creation decrees of God over the newly created man and woman. As we look at these four verses I want to point out several aspects of God that we learn from these decrees. 1.God Blesses and Commands 2. God Provides 3.God Sees Everything

The Sixth Day

Have you ever heard the phrase Imago Dei? This is the Latin phrase for the “image of God.” You are probably familiar with this phrase. But what does that mean? As we look at Genesis 1:24-27, and consider other relevant passages several aspects of the image of God emerge. As humans, being created in the image of God means that we are unique, we rule, we are like God, and we have value.

The First Five Days

When it comes down to it, the world would rather the God of, “Let there be,” not exist. They would rather live in the insanity of living in a world of I-don’t-knows, foundationless purpose and meaning, and fluid morals and ethics.

Genesis 1:1-2 began to introduce us to this God who created the heavens and earth. Genesis 1:3-23 shows us more of what we can know of this great Creator.

In the Beginning, God

Sometime in the years of wandering in the desert, God caused Moses to sit down and write the book of Genesis. Moses was tasked with the writing of the first books of Holy Scripture. But what do you start with? In the beginning God…
In these two verses, it is as if Moses is saying, here, meet the God you know, meet the earth that you never knew and meet the Holy Spirit whom you can know.

The Origin Story

In this message, we are going to start our exposition of the first book of the Bible. Why should we spend time going through this book? Because it is the origin story. Dave Block points out six different doctrines that are introduced in the book of Genesis. These six are not all that we find but they are a good place to start. The goal is to show you the importance of the book of Genesis by giving you a taste of the truths that it contains.