Write Our Own Conclusion

Posted by Pastor Les on

Some stories end abruptly. You turn the page expecting a conclusion, but there are no more words. The story is open ended. That’s true of Jonah. Sinclair Ferguson, in his book “Man Overboard”, writes, “It carries no conclusion because it summons us to write the final paragraph. It remains unfinished in order that we may provide our own conclusion to its message. For you are Jonah; I am Jonah. We recognize ourselves in the story of this man’s life. We stand together in need of the mercy of God to enable us from this day on to be obedient to his commands and to live to the praise of his glorious grace” (p. 98). There you have it. Over the past few weeks, we have considered four men who were so discouraged that they wanted to die. Discouragement may have many causes and cures, but left alone it will develop into a spiritual problem demonstrating our distorted view of God. God has been patient and He has been teaching us. Will we learn the lessons or will it be necessary to repeat the tests again and again? The verdict is still out. It’s time for us to write our own conclusion. I hope we make it a good one!


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