Worship Flows Out of Revelation

Posted by Pastor Les on

Worship flows out of revelation. If we knew nothing of God our worship would be limited to our ideas about God and that would result in adoration toward a God of our own creation – and that would be reprehensible to the one true God. But God has not left us in the dark. He has made Himself known in the pages of the Bible. The Scripture is the revelation of God. The more we know of God, the deeper and richer and purer will be our worship. In today’s church, the concept of worship has been hijacked. It has become our emotional response to ideas of God and what He can provide for us, expressed mostly in singing (or listening to the worship team sing). After we “worship”, then we listen to a sermon. Remember, worship flows out of revelation. The consideration of God from the Scriptures is a large part of our worship and it enhances our expressions of adoration toward God. The better we know Him, the deeper and purer and richer our worship will be. And as we worship God as He has revealed Himself, He transforms us into what we need and long to be.


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