Why Is Worship Absent in the Church?

Posted by Pastor Les on

Why is worship absent in the church? It starts with lack of exposure to the glory of God as recorded in the Scripture. Personal application has its place, but if we fail to first see the glory of God in His revelation, our application may be skewed. If we are not right about God, we will be right about little else. If we see God in the pages of the Scripture and we understand what Scripture means as God opens our hearts, the first place of application will be worship. After Luke wrote his Gospel, he wrote of the acts of the apostles as they shared the good news around the world. One account was a story about a deacon named Philip who had an encounter with an Ethiopian court official (Acts 8). The Ethiopian had come to Jerusalem to worship God but he had no idea what that meant. Sitting in his chariot reading a scroll of Isaiah, he was approached by Philip. The deacon asked a few questions and in the process explained that what the Ethiopian was reading about was none other than the good news about Jesus. The Ethiopian believed and confirmed his faith in baptism. Suddenly Philip was whisked away. The Ethiopian had been exposed to the glory of God in the Scriptures. He had it explained to him and he believed. His response was rejoicing in worship toward the God who had redeemed him. As God is made known, the believing heart will worship!


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