Righteousness Has Consequences

Posted by Pastor Les on

 Righteousness has consequences. Truth-telling may lead us into dark places. That doesn’t mean we should turn from righteousness or truthfulness – it just means we will probably pay a price if we practice it and call others to it. John the Baptist was not afraid to call out powerful people. Herod had jurisdiction over Judea. He decided he wanted to be married to his half-brother’s wife, Herodias. Herodias was also the daughter of another half-brother, making her Herod’s niece. John reproved him of that and other evil things he had done and was doing, so, Herod threw him in prison. Later, when opportunity came, Herodias – who hated John, forced his execution by beheading. Righteousness has consequences. Truth-telling may lead us into dark places. It’s easier and maybe safer to be quiet. And if we must declare righteousness, keeping the message generic and impersonal may lead to a longer, less complicated life. But that is not our objective. It is to live righteously, calling others to do the same, through a relationship with our saving God. It may cost us something now, but it will lead to glory later.


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