Nothing Is Sweeter

Posted by Pastor Les on

The appearance of the glory of God speaks a fearful message. His displayed glory magnifies the brightness of His holiness and the awfulness of our sin and that would be tragic and terrible, except His glory includes His grace and His mercy in the form of a Savior! That is why it is such good news! The revelation of the good news of a Savior dispels our fear resulting from the raw glory of God and results in great joy in the mercy and grace of our God! This joy is not automatic but it is for all, in that all who trust in His glorious name will be granted salvation in the person of His Son, our Savior! This great news from the angels to the shepherds concerning the birth of Jesus was a personal revelation with immediate application. The angel was declaring that that very day just a short distance from where they stood, He was present – and they could go and see! The demonstration of glory brought fear, but fear was redirected by revelation and when the revelation was received, it resolved into worship. As the author of Hebrews declared, “it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God”, but when we know who He is as our Savior, nothing is sweeter than to be held in His hand!


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