Jesus, Son of Adam, Son of God

Posted by Pastor Les on

Genealogies are kind of like “fly-over country.” We know they have importance, but they would not be our pick for serious study and devotional application. But perhaps we are missing out on some special insight that would lead us to rich worship. Luke’s genealogy of Jesus traces the Lord all the way back to Adam, who is called the son of God. Luke sets up a comparison of Jesus to Adam. Both had an unusual human beginning, each formed by God. Both were tested. Adam failed, releasing the curse of sin over everything. He determined to do things his way. Jesus succeeded, reversing the curse. He chose to do the Father’s will. Adam’s sin brought death. Jesus’ death brought life. Adam initiated separation between God and man. Jesus provided access for man to God. Jesus in the flesh was a son of Adam, but He was also the Son of God. And what he accomplished makes all the difference. “Christ, the Son of God, became a son of Adam, that we the sons of Adam, might become sons of God.”


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