God Lessons

Posted by Pastor Les on

Jonah has always fascinated me. Critics are sidetracked by the big “prophet-eating” fish, but that portion of the story is really incidental. The main character is God and the storyline is about Him! Jonah had to learn that and so do we. “God lessons” are designed to teach, but they can exact a price. To learn the lesson of God’s providence, Jonah had to endure a terrible storm, be thrown overboard, and swallowed by that fish. While in the fish’s belly, Jonah cried out to God and learned the lesson of God’s pardon. Still not exactly filled with joy, but nevertheless obedient, the reluctant prophet preached and he learned the lesson of God’s power. After the entire city turned to the living God, the angry prophet had to learn the lesson of God’s pity. Those lessons, providence, pardon, power and pity, appear in the introductory course, “Almighty God – This Is What I’m Like” 101. We have each been exposed to them, but we may need to take a remedial course! In His providence, He directed our way to Him. His pardoning grace was exchanged for our sin. His power made us new creations, and in pity, He did not judge us as we deserve. The book of Jonah is not about a prophet inside a whale or the wail coming out of a prophet. It is about God and His Gospel that was even applied to us!


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