Amazed and Astonished by His Teaching

Posted by Pastor Les on

Everyone was astounded at Jesus’ answers. They were amazed at His understanding. That was true when Jesus was in the temple at age twelve sitting with the distinguished teachers of the Law. Throughout His ministry, His disciples were astonished at His instruction. When the crowds heard Him, they were astonished. When He spoke, even His enemies marveled. After Jesus ascension, people continued to marvel at His teaching. In Acts 13, a proconsul named Sergius Paulus wanted to hear Paul and Barnabas teach the Word. An evil magician tried to keep that from happening. Paul called out judgment on the man and he was blinded. Following the demonstration of power, the proconsul believed, “for he was astonished at the teaching of the Lord.” He is still teaching through the revelation of His Word. His Spirit continues to make it known to us as we open the pages of Scripture. Are we, today, amazed and astonished by His teaching?


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