Lakeview Church Zion IL

Men's Ministry

We recognize that God has made men and women very different. And, there's lots of godly wisdom that can be gleaned from spending time with men of different ages. If you're a man, we hope you will make it a priority to attend one or more of our men's ministry events throughout the year.

Our Men’s Ministry exists to teach, encourage, and develop men to be Christ-like in all aspects of their lives (personal, home, work, church, and community).

The Lakeview Men's Ministry has three primary objectives:

Character: To teach and encourage men to be men of total Christian Character. In our thoughts, speech, and actions, in private and in public, our lives are to reflect a Christ-like character.

Leadership: To develop all men to be godly leaders in all areas of their lives; their home and church, in their workplace and community.

Relationships: To encourage men to develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with other men in order to be accountable and seek support as they grow in character and leadership. To provide them with opportunities to interact with other men in various activities, which will promote the development and growth of these friendships.

The foundation of our ministry is Christ and upon that foundation are the two pillars of Scripture and Prayer. We want to be men who are committed to reading, studying, and applying the Bible and who having a thriving prayer life.