More Than You Can Think

Abraham is a normal man and his faith ebbs and flows depending on the situation he finds himself. His desire is to grow in the faith and to be pleasing to the Lord but he still struggles. His view of God is still too small. But here in chapter 17, and specifically the section we are looking at today, God is trying to expand Abraham’s view. Abraham’s view of God is still too small. It needs to grow and keep growing.

Sign of the Covenant

You see, people often see a stark division between the Old and New Testament. Some will suggest that there is a God of the Old and a different God in the New. They see very little continuity between the Testaments or the way that God acts. But we as Christians know that this is not the case. There is one covenant-making God. He might have made different covenants at different times and set different terms, but he is the same God.

I Will

As you read through chapter 17, there is one phrase that is repeated over and over by God. It is, “I will.” God says “I will” twelve times in this passage. In the paragraph we have before us we have five instances of “I will”. Along with these, “I will” statements are several “shall” statements. Do you kind of get the feeling of what is happening here?

My Foot Slips

And now we arrive again at one of those moments in Abram’s life where his feet almost slip. And why? It’s not because his enemies are gathering around him. It’s not because he is an enemy of God. It’s because of his own doing. Let’s look at what happens and as we do I want to ask four questions. Do we trust enough? Who is good? Does God care? Can we wait?

Cutting the Covenant

Why do we fear and why is it that when God speaks in the Old Testament or Jesus in the New, many times the first phrase is, “fear not,”? Let’s look at Abram here and see if we can’t find answers to those questions and maybe we’ll find a cure for our fear.