The Family of Shem

The tendency is to skip from the story of the tower of Babel to chapter 12 and the call of Abram. Yet, there is some information here that God, through our author Moses, wants us to know.

In verses 10-32 we find two more books in the book of Genesis. We have the book of Shem which is another genealogy and the beginning of the book of Terah.


The important events that Moses records for us in Genesis are events that we all live with the ramifications. Obviously, creation but also the fall and the flood are events in history that impact our daily lives. The historical account of the tower of Babel is another one of those events that we still feel the consequences today.

The Sons of Noah

As we turn to Genesis 10 we have what people have called the “Table of Nations.” There are lessons here about God, his plan, and our place in history that we need to know.

Canaan’s Curse

At the end of Genesis chapter nine, we find that though Noah was a man that walked with God he was a man. He was blameless in his generation but not perfect. As JC Ryle said, “The best of men are men at best.”