The Everlasting Covenant

God is a God of signs because he is aware of our limitations. He knows that we as humans are forgetful and need signs to remind us of truths we already know. God also uses signs to teach us spiritual realities that are hard for us to comprehend but through a sign are easier for us to grasp.

Restarting the Earth

When we read Noah’s story, we must keep in mind the two great truths that are on display before us. The first is that God is a God of perfect wrath. But we also must keep in mind the second truth. God has perfect grace.

The Flood

The world hates the story of Noah’s ark because it gives an alternative explanation as to why there are millions of dead things buried in rocks all over the earth. It hates that this story shows the righteousness of God and the need for us to be righteous. It hates that God is the rescuer and we don’t rescue ourselves. It hates that God had to clean the world of humanity’s mess and that he’ll one day do it again. This story shows the wrath, the hatred of God against the collective sin of the world. They don’t like that!

When Discernment Jumps the Rails

As we discern there are several areas where we can go astray. There are traps that we can fall into. In this lesson, we are going to put up some warning signs for ourselves along the track of discernment in hopes that we won’t derail and fall into error in the future.

The Ark and the Covenant

Moral ambiguity is the context where we find the story of Noah. It starts with the fact that God sees faithfulness in Noah but God sees evil as well. Since God is a just and holy God he must punish evil but because he is also merciful God who provides salvation. The way that God does this is that God establishes his covenant with Noah. After God does all this we are left with the question, “What will Noah do?”

What is Truth?

In lesson five we will look at the connection between biblical discernment and truth. If discernment is being able to tell truth from error and right from wrong then we must understand what truth is.

Grief and Favor

Chapter 6 begins with a couple of transitional paragraphs and some mystery. In these first eight verses, we find the spread of sin, the depravity of man, and the grace of God.

The Struggle to Discern

In this lesson, we address the difficulties that come with being a biblical discerning Christian. To be discerning, one must be a student of God’s word and then must be willing to apply that to all situations no matter the personal cost.