The Seth Family

In Genesis 5, we have the account of Adam’s family that traces through his son Seth to Noah. A short record of men that lived and, no doubt, did many things. They probably faced many struggles and heartaches. As we go through this, keep in the back of your mind the question, “why did God put this in his Bible?”

Is It Biblical to Judge?

In this lesson, we want to ask, “Is it biblical to judge?” Matthew 7:1 is a verse that is often used as a shot against Christians that try and practice biblical discernment. A Christian that might take a moral stance that is different from what our culture is currently holding may hear the response, “Don’t judge lest ye be judged.”

The Beginning of Civilization

It is very telling that the root of culture is founded in the death of Abel and the sin of Cain. Cain’s sin brought isolation to him and his family line. Cain’s sin brought corruption to his family. Yet, not all is lost for we find that, despite the failure of Cain and his offspring, God brings hope in the birth of Seth.

Sin at the Door

The story of Cain and Able is not just about two brothers that can’t get along. It’s not just a tragic story of hatred and murder. This story is ultimately about God.

The Curse

In Genesis 3:14 – 24 we find, God, the perfect Judge of his creation, pronouncing the verdict and sentence upon the serpent, the woman, and the man. After reading the curse we see the immediate aftermath.

The Color of Worms

In the conclusion to the 4-part series, Brady Bush has argued from the greater to the lesser. If the debt between God and man is vast, what is the debt between man and man? If the vast debt has been paid, how much more the small debt? If God humbled himself, how much more should man, who is but a worm?