Woke Church

What are some of the key terms in the current social justice discussion? Brady Bush helps clarify them and what it means for the church.

Ethnic Gnosticism

Ethnic Gnosticism is a term coined by Voddie Baucham to describe the aspect of critical race theory (CRT) that attributes innate knowledge and by extension innate righteousness to minority groups.

Did God Actually Say?

Understanding and believing what Genesis chapter 3 says is crucial to our understanding of the rest of the Bible. If we mess up the origin of evil, then we are in danger of corrupting and misunderstanding most of the other doctrines taught in Scripture.

The Unity of Believers

Race and the Gospel: The Unity of Believers
Many professing believers are straying into a false gospel, a gospel that rebuilds a wall of hostility between ethnic categories that have no place in the one body of Christ. This is another gospel. It is Jesus AND.

The First Marriage

The way that God created Eve was intentional and shows us at least four things about who God is and how the relationship between the man and woman would be different.